CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are provided and installed by Pro Sound and Security.

Commercial CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems) can meet the needs of any customer from  convenience store systems to the large industrial complexes with 100+ cameras, DVRs, NET DVRs.

Residential CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems)
Entry level pricing starting at $500.00 and up.
Most popular features –

  • Front door cam, Back yard, and Pool cams, and more.
  • PTZ cameras with and without eye tracking.  Facial recognition.
  • Baby / hidden babysitter cameras.  Spy cams for your special needs.
  • Shop or warehouse observation, store view, employee cash registers, more.
  •  Digital DVR’s, Network DVR’s to catch action when you’re away.
  •  Home/Office cameras securely uploaded to the net  you access from anywhere!

IPhone & Droid software to see your cameras on your smart device, anytime.


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